Scan and organize all your paperwork

Feature Overview

  • Scan documents and import PDF files, and organize them within user-defined folders
  • Quickly find documents using a search facility
  • Instantly generate a document as a PDF file, which can be emailed or printed


Pulp Application (Windows platform)
Beta version 2 • Jun 01, 2024 • 83 MB
Requirements: Windows 11 / Windows 10
Language: English
For evaluation only

All Capabilities

  • Scan in paper documents
  • Import PDF files
  • Organize scanned/imported documents within folders
  • All documents are automatically indexed
  • Find documents easily with a keyword search
  • Generate a PDF of any document
  • Set up document classes that allow for auto-organization
  • Everything is stored in a database on your computer

Known Issues

  • To print a document, one must generate it as a PDF first (right click the document in tree)

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